CIC Academy

Driven by PASSION to BRIDGE the Skills Gap, Careers In Care Academy offers an online Professional Development Platform with over 2000 Industry-Recommended Competency Assessment Quizzes across 9 core Industries (Aged Care, Children Services, Business, Management, Leadership, Vocational Education and Training, Cookery, Hospitality, and General English)

Through our unique Industry Engagement Model, we develop Industry-relevant job-specific competency assessments and professional development programs ideal for job seekers, students, educators, trainers, assessors, and managers.

CIC Academy online course library offers a vast collection of top-quality Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced skills courses in the field of Compliance, Risk Management, and Governance across multiple Industries.

Simply, select your ‘best fit’ subscription (Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced), complete your choice of course online, and download your certificate of completion. Learning has never been so easy.

For employer recommended, cost-effective, job-specific, skills-based learning (Know more:
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