I have really enjoyed CIC Academy courses and learned a lot from the learner guides provided with every course. All the questions were challenging and demand thorough reading. Well set up. Thanks.

Mohammed Abdullah Raihan

ELICOS Standards – Useful for learning more about ELICOS. Highly recommended.

Yanliang Li

Thank you :). I have learned some key information about student support standards.”

Binish Nida Afaque

Excellent courses. There is so much to learn from CIC Academy, it’s a great source of information to upskill and to use the acquired knowledge in the VET sector. This VET courses are especially great for professionals working in the education sector, but can also be helpful in various other professional fields.

The Learner Guide is very well designed and is a great source of information, explains the material clearly. The competency assessment quizzes cover the entire topic discussed in the learning material. Overall, I consider CIC Academy courses as great and I would recommend it to anyone ! Thank you so much

J Steven

It was a great experience to touch base the standards/clauses and the requirements of the assessments as a Vet Trainer.”


Very informative quiz and relevant to staff and trainers.

Jilda Fielding

It’s been a great learning experience with CIC Academy wherein I developed job specific skills at very convenient pace and setting. I’m glad to come across CIC Academy and would like to highly recommend all the courses delivered by CIC Academy.


It has been outstanding experience to go through the online courses of CIC .lt has helped me to improve my skills at workplace. I’ll definitely recommend it to others as it is very affordable and flexible.


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