Careers in Care is an online Career Development Centre which offers short courses in the form of quizzes that are aligned to capture key elements and performance standards for jobs in demand in rapidly growing industries. Courses offered by Careers in Care are suggested, reviewed and approved by subject matter experts who have over 5 years of experience in relevant industry. Careers in Care also provides Career Information and Career Support services.

If you are a new migrant looking for a job or if you are already working, Careers in Care offers you an opportunity to get relevant career information, do an industry approved career development course or visit our career support centre to know more about what’s happening in your industry.

Careers In Care caters to multiple industries offering courses that are suggested, reviewed and approved by Subject Matter Experts. All courses are relevant to specific jobs and come with a guarantee of improved performance outcomes.

There are several benefits of a course from Careers In Care:

  • Industry approved: CIC Courses are suggested, reviewed and approved by subject matter experts with over 6 years of ongoing industry experience.
  • Simple quiz format: CIC Courses are structured in the form of simple Quizzes with MCQs and True and False response formats.
  • Outcome focused: All courses are mapped to job specific skills & knowledge to ensure focused learning.
  • Online delivery
  • Courses are reviewed and updated.
Consider your current job profile and analyse skills and knowledge required to perform your job. You should then be able to identify the right course for yourself.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Identify your training need and select a course.
  • Register and buy a course online.
  • Go through our Industry approved course material and complete quizzes online.
  • Print out your Certificate of Completion.
Once you have purchased a course, there is no time limit to complete the quizzes; however, a recommended duration is mentioned with every course.
You can view, save or print your Certificate of Completion once you have successfully completed all assessments (Quizzes)
Yes, you must be online to go through quizzes; however, you can download learning materials (PowerPoint slides or attached reference documents) on your system to study offline.

Yes, you can write to us if you purchase five or more courses together as a group for discounts.

Look out for our special offers on our website and adverts.

You can register for skills updates on our website.
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CIC Academy offers cost effective, convenient online, industry-recommended professional development programs and competency assessments across multiple industries.

CIC Academy offers several online competency assessment quizzes that are recommended by the Industry stakeholders. You can either direct your team members to for a self-assessment or purchase a Corporate Annual Subscription to conduct competency assessments for your entire team.

Visit for more information

Visit and select Vocational Education & Training tab on the home page to view courses for RTO Managers.

CIC-Academy offers a suite of VET professional development courses for trainer and assessors, administrative offers, admissions officers, marketing and compliance officers that you may select from.

Recommended course – ‘Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 – Part 1’

With over a decade of experience in guiding international students on job skills, we know your needs very well.

Visit CIC Academy ( to start your journey from ‘Training to Real Jobs’.

CIC Academy offers cost effective, convenient online, industry-recommended professional development programs and competency assessments across multiple industries to make you ‘Job Ready’.

CIC Academy offers a range of ‘industry recommended’ professional development programs and competency assessments at Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level that may suit your current needs.

Look out for CIC Connect’s Job Skills Development Program to learn more about Industry requirements. You can register your interest for an upcoming Job Skills Development Program.

Careers In Care offers range of skills development programs through CIC Academy for migrants to help you develop job skills and be job ready.

Visit, select your Industry and a course that you wish to do.

Based on your current and future learning needs, you have a choice to either purchase a single course or buy a CIC Academy subscription that gives you complete freedom to access multiple courses at a reduced cost.

You may choose from our Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced subscription options.

Highly Recommended: 1 year Advanced Subscription

Courses in the CIC Academy library has been categorised into Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced based on number of questions you answer to complete a quiz in order to get your certificate of completion.

We recommend that you first select your industry and then based on your job role decide which course fits in well with your area of work.


Courses are mapped to job specific skills that employer look for in prospective employees.

You can purchase a course by clicking on ‘take this course’ tab, if you are not sure which subscription you should purchase.


You may write to us through the contact us page in case you need assistance in deciding which course/subscription you should purchase.

Write to us about your need and we shall try our best to get the course ready within 5 business days.

Careers In Care ensures that every information collected about you remains confidential and secure at all times. No information is passed on to any third party without your consent. Please go through our Privacy Policy for further information.

CIC Academy engages with Employers across multiple industries on a regular basis to find out what job specific skills and knowledge are they looking for in their prospective employees.

Ongoing Industry engagement helps us to design competency based courses that are mapped to jobs in growth areas.

Our mission is to help you get into the workforce by giving you an opportunity to go through skills assessment recommended by the employers.

CIC Academy courses will help you get ‘job ready’ as they are mapped to job skills recommended by the employers.

CIC Academy offers a range of online courses to help you meet your varying needs.

CIC Academy offers job opportunities for learners who may be interested in resource writing work.

CIC Academy offers a unique opportunity to engage with Employers through ‘Job Skills Development Program’.

Share the course on social media if you want your friends to know about it. Use the links provided on course page under the tab ‘take this course’

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