All “Skills4Work” courses offered by Careers In Care Academy are developed through extensive research and industry consultation. These courses are highly recommended by recruitment agencies and by Employers for individuals looking for work.

Mapped to the foundation skills, “Skills4Work” courses are ideal for:

  • Students looking for work experience,
  • Job seekers/migrants looking for work,
  • Working professionals.


A team working together fosters trust, strength, creativity and learn conflict resolution skills. Skills to work in a team not only helps the organisation, but also contributes to employee’s personal growth.

When working together, every team member owns the result of their combined efforts, be it a success story or a lesson learnt from failure. It strengthens the work relationships, gives a sense of ownership, and develops confidence and risk-taking abilities as each member is supported by the others in the team.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Why do teams work better?
  • Benefits of Teamwork
  • How to build an effective team?
  • Cultural Diversity in workplace
  • Belbin’s Team Roles Model
  • Setting up Self-Managing Work Teams

…and much more

This course will help you to:

  • Build a better understanding of teamwork skills,
  • Appreciate and understand workplace diversity,
  • Skills to manage people more effectively,
  • Improve performance at workplace.

Who should do this course?

Skills4Work course is ideal for international and domestic students, job seekers, migrants or working professional.

This course is a pre-requisite for VET Graduates who wish to enrol for Work Integrated Learning program with CIC Connect prior to undergoing on-the-job training. Learn more about Real Experience for Real Jobs

Course Duration?

Typically, a learner would take anywhere between 2-3 hours to complete this course online; however, the duration may vary based on prior skills and knowledge of a learner.

Upon successful completion, every learner is issued with a ‘Certificate of Completion’.


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